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When it comes to buying gifts and essentials for your baby, it can be hard to find functional, yet unique items. While all infants need essentials like blankets and bath towels, finding options that speak to your baby's individual personality can be difficult. Finding options that also fit in with baby's room décor can also be a challenge.

If you’re looking for essential items for your baby that can be both completely customisable, as well as professionally designed, look no further than our top selling designs at Baby Express. Baby Express is a leading provider of customisable baby products, made from high quality materials.

Shop Baby Express for Baby Bath Towels and More

If you’re trying to find essential products like baby bath towels, personalised and entirely unique, Baby Express can help. We've been in the industry since 1997 and know what to look for when selecting the baby items we stock in our Parramatta store and online catalogue.

Our professional design team loves coming up with the perfect concept for your baby’s personalised items and develops high quality, creative work that you’ll love treasuring with your child. We’re well known for our custom designed nappy cakes (from baby shower concepts to birthday and Christmas themes), customised baby blankets and bath towels, personalised baby pillows, and even personalised teddy bears for baby.

We know that your baby's first few years are precious and you're going to want to remember every step of the way. That's why we produce stunning personalised baby design items to help make each moment even more special and significant. We create blankets and teddy bears that your child will grow up loving, while also offering a sense of security and individuality. You won’t find designs quite like ours out there, and we’re proud to say that all our items are produced right in Sydney.

Types of Personalised Bath Towels to Buy at Baby Express

While blankets and teddy bears are popular customisable options for baby, bath towels also make excellent gifts, whether purchasing them for your own child of gifting them to another family. Bath towels are often overlooked, but bath time can be more special when a baby has their own, individual towel.

We offer a variety of bath towel design options, with images such as trains, car tracks, the moon, garden themes, birds, a fairy, and even popular owl designs. Each towel can also be customised with your child's name (and/or initial), as well as the year they were born. We also carry the traditional hooded towel styles to keep baby warm and dry after their bath. Baby will love reaching for their very own personalised towel after bath time, adding tradition to this nightly ritual.

Make every moment special and significant with our company's custom designs and customisable baby products. From baby blankets to baby towels, we have a design to fit your child's unique and one of a kind personality.


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